Thursday, July 7, 2016

A Savory Cheesecake

...don't look for this cheesecake to satify your sweet tooth. Chef George Geary stopped by Tonia's Kitchen to talk about a very different dessert.  Geary, who wrote The Cheesecake Bible, told Tonia he starts with cream cheese and eggs blended together. Then, instead of sugar, George gets fresh herbs like tarragon, thyme and dill, and add to the mix along with onion flakes, sea salt and lemon juice.  Then George combines that with Parmesan Cheese and pours it all into a pie crust (preferable Graham Cracker).  He then bakes it for about 35-40 minutes and when done, cuts into small squares.  It's something different, and you might like it better than traditional cheesecake.