Wednesday, November 24, 2021

A Special Thanksgiving Side


For our annual run-up to Thanksgiving Chef Billy with Restaurant Associates (you might remember him as the Executive Chef from Cooking Light Magazine) told Tonia's Kitchen about a delectable delight for your Thanksgiving table.  It's called Delicata squash, and it differs from butternut in several ways. The first, perhaps most notable, is that the skin is edible, and Chef Billy told Tonia he recommends it.  That squash's skin is full of nutrients and tastes fantastic!  To prepare it, you only have cut the ends, pull out the seeds and cut the squash into rings  Billy says he takes metal tongs and sticks them in the center of the squash. The seeds fall right out!  When you roast the squash, just use oil and let the natural flavor come out.  The rings provide a visual feast for your Thanksgiving table, the squash itself is a feast for your tastebuds.