Friday, February 7, 2020

A Dessert Cauliflower

The words dessert and cauliflower aren't often spoken together. Really, would you ever think of cauliflower as the basis for a sweet treat or snack?  But Amy Lacey, who's the owner of Cali'Flour Foods, and the author of the new cookbook The CaliFlour Kitchen literally crumbled that cookie in Tonia's Kitchen, but discussing her recipe for Chocolate Chip Cauliflower Cookies.  Amy told Tonia she got the inspiration for this recipe from an older one her mother passed down, for cookies based on Almond Flour and Whole Wheat Flour.  Amy says she simply swaps out the whole-wheat flour for her special Cauliflower Meal (which she shows you how to make in her book).  Chances are good your kids won't notice the difference, (and neither will you)