Tuesday, July 10, 2018

A Corn and Crab Soup that's Surprisingly Simple, Yet Deliciously Elegant

We're talking about simple corn soup, infused with fresh crab.  It doesn't sound very gourmet, but it is!  Executive Chef Lou Rossi from the Castle Hill Inn in Newport, Rhode Island told Tonia's Kitchen he starts with very high quality, fresh local corn, that's been roasted in the oven. Chef Lou then adds onion, garlic, white wine and some corn stock they've made, and puree's it all together. Then Chef Lou says he adds creme fraiche, lime zest and fresh basil.  Finally, he finishes it all with some cooked crab that's been lightly dressed with citrus.  It's a perfect compliment to this upcoming fall season, and very tasty too! Find out more about the Castle Hill Inn on their website.