Thursday, July 30, 2020

Ever Wanted to Learn How to Smoke Your Mayo? Here's How

Everyone loves smoked meats...and smoked vegetables...even smoked beer is becoming a  thing in craft circles.  But have you given any thought to smoking condiments...and in particular mayonnaise. Steven Raichlen, who wrote the new cookbook, Project Smoke, told Tonia's Kitchen that his smoked mayo is magnificent on a BLT! Raichlen says he uses a handheld smoker, called The Smoking Gun...loads it with a particular mix of wood and fires it at a bowl of mayonnaise that's under another bowl of ice.  It's a delicious way to enjoy mayonnaise, and one you've probably not thought of before. It's not the only condiment, as Project Smoke has recipes on smoking butter sour cream and other foods you may not thought about as smoke suitable.  Try them!