Friday, November 29, 2019

A Succulent Skirt Steak

There's nothing like a good grilled skirt steak, served with sautéed onions.  The taste is unmistakably good! Now let's expand on it and make things special.  Kate Winslow, who wrote the new cookbook Onions Etcetera, stopped by Tonia's Kitchen to talk about her Skirt Steak and Onions Palomilla. A fresh, bright take on a classic recipe. Kate told Tonia it's very easy to make as there's only a few ingredients. They include the steaks and onions (of course!) But also lime juice and garlic. Kate takes the steaks, combines them with the onions in a sealable plastic bag and adds a generous amount of lime juice, crushed garlic cloves and salt pepper.  Let all the ingredients marinate overnight in a refrigerator.  The next day, grill the steaks and sautee the onions (not too much though, you want them to have a crunch).  Serve it up with beans and rice, and man what a treat!  Kate told Tonia the steak has a lighter flavor thanks to the garlic and lime. We'll bet you'll love it!