Wednesday, February 21, 2018

All-Wine Wednesday: Rules are Meant to be Broken!

That's what Markus Ripperger with 75 on Courthouse Square in Boston says about the old adage on red and white wine. Tonia's Kitchen sat down with the President/Executive Chef and Tonia asked him whether he felt reds must be eaten with red meat.  Markus replied that he felt the only rule...when it comes to wine...was that you drink what you like!  He says at his restaurant, they have a wine list of favorites, and all wines are available by the glass.  The reason behind that, Markus says, is to allow the customer to take a risk and try something new. He says among the wines he likes, Caymus Vineyards out of Napa Valley, CA.  When in Boston, check out Markus' wine list at 75 on Courthouse Square. Learn more about Caymus Wines on their website here