Thursday, February 15, 2018

A Polish Punch of a Dessert!


What's a Paczki (pronounced Punch-key) you might ask?  The name might make you giggle, but it's taste will make you grin! A Paczki is a sort of jelly doughnut of Polish origin, that's spherical in shape, with the richest, most decadent dough you've ever had!   Chef Rob Leani with the Coffee Time Bake Shop in Salem, Massachusetts told Tonia's Kitchen it's one of the more popular desserts for Mardi Gras season. Historically, these doughnuts were made to finish off all the butter and sugar before Lent began, but Leani told Tonia they're so popular, his shop makes them from February, all the way through Easter.  Leani says the traditional filling is fig, but there's others including strawberries.  Either way, it will make your taste buds party like it's Bourbon Street on Fat Tuesday!