Wednesday, November 8, 2017

How to Taste Wine?


Many enjoy wine, but do most of us actually know how to do a proper tasting? It's something a lot of us like to try, but what's the proper technique?  Alberto Frea, who's International Brand Ambassador for Fontana Fredda joined this All-Wine Wednesday edition of Tonia's Kitchen to talk about just how to properly conduct a tasting.  Tonia was recently invited to a Barolo Master Wine Class at Eataly in Boston.  Before that, Alberto told Tonia to start by looking at the color of the wine first. Then smell it. To do that, Alberto says you need to train your nostrils on the finer things in life, like flowers, fruit, spices and perfumes. Take in those aromas before you sniff the wine. And when actually tasting, take small sips and make sure the wine comes into contact with your whole tongue.  The reason, Alberto says your tongue has different receptors in the back and front.  To taste wine effectively, you have to make sure they all get a sample. It's a long process, but you too can learn and become an amateur Sommelier!