Friday, July 21, 2017

Love is Blue..When it Comes to BBQ Sauce


We visit Asheville, North Carolina, and more specifically, to the fantastic 12 Bones Smokehouse, where Chef Shane Heavner today, is talking about his Blueberry Chipotle BBQ Sauce, that can make your meat sing...with only 4 ingredients.  Shane told Tonia's Kitchen he starts with his signature tomato-based sauce (super by itself) and adds fresh blueberries, ginger powder chipotle peppers and honey.  After that, Shane says it's just a matter of blending everything all together, and adding more chipotle if you want the sauce spicier.

2.5 lbs. fresh blueberries 
8 7oz. cans chipotle peppers
2 cups honey
2 qts. tomato bbq sauce (brand can vary)
1Tblsp. ginger powder

Puree chipotles and blueberries. Combine all ingredients and slather on ribs.   Cook!