Tuesday, July 19, 2016

A Cool Way to Serve Corn

Often times, when you have a barbeque or party, there's a lot of leftovers.  The question then becomes what to do with everything, especially when you have a lot of raw ingredients to sift through.  If corn is involved, there's an easy and very seasonal way to serve up those leftovers, in something that's very unique.  Stephanie Sokolof from Stephanie's Restaurant in Boston came by Tonia's Kitchen with her idea for Corn Salad.  She told Tonia she starts with corn, taken fresh off the cob.  Sautee that in garlic oil, then add chopped basil, tomatoes and red onion.  Let it cool for a little bit. The next ingredient is key, Stephanie told Tonia she adds goat cheese to the warm corn and lets it melt.  That cheese melts in a way that coats the corn and acts like a dressing.  It's delicious.  She adds salt, a little sugar and some lemon juice.  Serve it up, and you 'll see why leftover corn need not drive you crazy!